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Fabrics for electrical workwear
Advanced technology upgrade for industry solutions

Labon® uses unique technology, make the anti-arc fabric has a long-lasting flame retardant performance, suitable for power systems 

and power practitioners wear.

In daily work, potential arc environment, to avoid arc explosion accidents, can effectively prevent spark flash burn.

Technological advantage

    Electric Arc Resistance:

    •  The raw materials inherently possess flame-resistant properties, providing lasting protection that doesn't diminish with repeated washings.

    •  Will not ignite and continue burning or melting when exposed to heat.

    •  High-temperature resistance, maintaining its shape and physical characteristics in high-temperature conditions.

    •  High tear strength, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, and resistance to breaking.

    •  When exposed to arc flash or flame, the fabric fibers expand, closing the air vent of fabric, creating a protection barrier that insulates the body from heat, reducing the severity of arc flash injuries to a minimum.

Solution Introduction
Modacrylic Blend
Woven Fabric
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Modacrylic Blend Woven Fabric

Arc Flash Protection Level:

  Category 2


  ASTM F1959 / F1959M-22 CAT 2