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Conductive Fiber
Conductive Fiber

Conductive fiber is a functional fiber that eliminates static electricity through electronic conduction and corona discharge, usually referring to the fiber with a specific resistance of less than 10^ 7Ω.cm in the standard state (20 ° C, 65% relative humidity).


Led by the research and development team of Labon Textile materials PhD, jointly with well-known universities, breaking through foreign technical barriers, several years of joint research and development, and a new conductive textile material produced and launched by Labon (Jiangsu). Condeur® conductive fiber is based on aramid and adopts self-developed surface modification technology. Nanometer conductive particles are fully embedded into the substrate, so that it has good electrical conductivity and antistatic performance. The specific volume resistance can reach 5.0 X 10² Ω.cm.

Electrical conductivity
Volume resistivity as low as 5.0 X 10² Ω.CM
Strong Spinnability
Outstanding flexibility and spin ability
Chemical Resistance
High resistance to friction, washing and chemicals
Heat conductive, anti-dust and dustproof, and can shield and absorb electromagnetic wave
Stable Performance
The performance of aramid substrate is stable, durable, strong oxidation resistance, and the half-life is better than that of similar imported products (nylon, polyester base)
Beautiful products
Condeur® is evenly distributed inside the fabric, breaking the mesh pattern and returning fashion to its roots
Power Industry
Conductive grids / Conductive workwear
Aerospace and Precision Electronics
Electromagnetic shielding enclosures
Petrochemical and Mining
Flame and explosion-resistant workwear in hazardous environments
Sterile and Dust-Free Work Environments
Protective workwear
Civilian Sector
Suits / Woolen sweaters / TR fabrics...