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Aramid Pulp
Aramid Pulp

Labon® aramid pulp is based on aramid fiber and adopts self-developed Tree-Fork technology to promote the "feathering" transformation of aramid fiber. Aramid pulp not only has the high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, dimensional stability and other properties of arylon fiber itself, but also the multi-tentacle microfiber structure can more effectively grasp the other components of the system, help the matrix to mix and disperse evenly, which is very suitable for use as a reinforced and heat-resistant fiber applied in various elastomers, hot solids and thermoplastic materials.

Dry pulp and wet pulp, with different fiber lengths and fibrillation degrees.
Enhanced strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and dimensional stability.
Improved surface smoothness of products, increased wear resistance, enhanced mechanical and rheological properties of products.
Rubber Products
Drive belts / Heavy-duty tires / Reinforced rubber gaskets...
Specialty Paper
Aramid paper/ Spacer paper / Friction paper...
Friction Materials
Brake pads / clutch facings
Seal Materials
Adhesives / Sealants / Thixotropic gels for coatings...
Engineering Plastics
Engineering plastics