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Arc-Resistant Fabric
Arc-Resistant Fabric

In industries such as electronics, semiconductors, petrochemicals, biotechnology, rubber, optoelectronics, and military, there are potential risks of arc flash, and high-voltage electric arc accidents. 

Electric arcs can produce tremendous energy, high temperatures, thermal radiation, combustion, and high-temperature gas energy impact.

Labon provides professional arc flash shield protective clothing for personnel working in environments where there is a risk of electric shock, sparks, and explosive hazards.These fabrics are designed to protect workers from electrostatic charge accumulation and high-frequency arc flash hazards.

Labon arc-resistant fabrics are modacrylic blended woven fabrics, and the products has passed the international authoritative laboratory performance evaluation test.

  Arc Flash Protection Level 2

Permanently Flame-Resistant
Will not ignite upon exposure to heat and will not continue to burn or melt.
High-Temperature Resistance
Resistant to deformation and other physical changes when exposed to high temperatures.
Permanent Arc Flash Protection
The raw materials inherently possess flame-resistant properties, providing permanent protection that does not degrade after multiple washes.