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Warp Knitting Fabric
Warp Knitting Fabric

Labon Industrial Fabrics mainly consist of regular base fabrics with a hexagonal mesh, a plain grid pattern, and Labon's exclusive product, the warp knitting fabric. These fabrics are all made from combed meta-aramid fibers.

High Strength, Lightweight, and Suitable
The warp knitting fabric has a light and thin texture, is soft, and exhibits higher strength and moderate elasticity. It offers a smooth and tight combination. While regular warp-knitted fabrics cannot meet the stringent strength requirements, warp knitting fabric can exceed these requirements by up to 60%, all while reducing weight by 40%
Stable Fabric Structure
Unlike conventional woven fabrics, the warp knitting fabric has each warp yarn inserted into the fabric after each adjacent weft yarn. This prevents slippage and displacement of warp and weft yarns, making it superior to plain woven base fabrics
Industrial and Automotive Hoses
High-temperature pressure / Oil-resistant / Hot water / Silicone / Reinforcement layers for silicone hoses