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Blend Aramid & Acrylic Pulp
Blend Aramid & Acrylic Pulp

Aramid-acrylic blended pulp is produced by compounding aramid fibers and acrylic fibers in a specific ratio and simultaneously fibrillating them. Blended pulp combines the performance characteristics of both aramid pulp and acrylic pulp, effectively enhancing the comprehensive mechanical properties of products. It provides products with good surface characteristics, dimensional stability, and offers excellent cost-effectiveness.

Dry pulp and wet pulp, with different fiber lengths and fibrillation degrees
High strength, high heat resistance, and high specific surface area
Enhance the comprehensive mechanical properties of products, offering cost-effective advantages by combining the strengths of aramid and acrylic
Material Composition
Rubber Products
Drive belts / Heavy-duty tires / Reinforced rubber gaskets...
Friction Materials
Brake pads / Clutch facings
Seal Materials
Specialty Paper
Aramid paper / Spacer paper / Friction paper...