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Splash-Resistant Fabric
Splash-Resistant Fabric

For workers who are exposed to high-temperature environments, potential hazards involving molten metal, open flames, and sparks, especially in processes like furnaces, refining, casting, and similar operations, Labon provides professional flame-resistant, heat-insulating protective clothing fabrics to slow down and prevent the transfer of heat, thus preventing harm to the human body.

The primary function of this fabric is to resist ignition, flame burning, smoldering, and prevent itself from catching fire when in contact with flames and red-hot objects for a certain period. After the heat source is removed, any burnt parts should quickly char without melting or dripping.

Permanent Flame-Resistance
Exceptional flame resistance, high-temperature resistance, and protection against molten metal splashes
Protection Against Molten Metal Splashes
When molten metal splashes onto the fabric, it should make the liquid metal slide off without damaging the fabric
Special Lamination Process
Special aluminum foil lamination process makes it waterproof, moisture-resistant, and less likely to crack
Comfortable and Eco-Friendly
Comfortable to wear, environmentally friendly, and safe
Excellent Thermal Insulation
Reinforced thermal insulation performance after aluminum foil lamination, effectively enhancing radiation heat protection, and resistance to high-temperature baking
Strong Mechanical Properties
Resistant to abrasion and cutting