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Fabrics for petrochemical workwear
Advanced technology upgrade for industry solutions

Labon provides a range of fabric solutions for petrochemical workwear, offering a combination of comfort, durability, and protective features. 

These fabrics are designed to resist wrinkles, pilling, and have a cotton-like texture while incorporating conductive fibers to provide anti-static functionality. This makes Labon workwear garments durable, moisture-wicking, breathable, anti-static, and gentle on the skin.

Solution Introduction
Aramid IIIA
Woven Fabric
Other Blended Woven Fabric
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Aramid IIIA Woven Fabric

Product Features:

•  Permanent flame resistance, anti-static, high-temperature resistance, non-melting, non-dripping.

•  Stable size, high color fastness, and water wash resistance.

•  Excellent breathability, lightweight, and comfort.

•  Can be post-processed to add moisture-wicking and water-repellent properties for enhanced protection and comfort.

Aramid Modacrylic Woven Fabric

Product Features:

•  Permanent flame retardant, anti-static, high temperature resistance, no melting, no burning, no dripping.

•  Stable size, stable color fastness, washable.

•  Light weight, moisture absorption, good comfort.

•  It can be done after finishing, such as moisture absorption and perspiration, oil and water resistance, etc., to increase the protective performance and comfort.

•  Excellent environmental performance, no formaldehyde.