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Labon's extensive range of pulp products includes various grades, from low-end to high-end, offering wet pulp and dry pulp with different fiber lengths and degrees of fiberization. 

We have the most comprehensive portfolio of pulp products in the market and provide customized solutions for numerous applications, meeting diverse customer needs.

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Reinforced Rubber
Coatings and Adhesives
Sealing Gaskets
Friction Materials
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Reinforced Rubber

Transmission belts

Heavy-duty tires

Reinforced rubber


  Improving tensile strength of rubber at high temperatures

  Increasing rubber modulus

  Enhancing tear resistance of rubber

  Improving wear resistance and puncture resistance of products

Coatings and Adhesives




  Improving thixotropy and filling reinforcement

  Thickening or increasing viscosity

  Strong temperature tolerance

Sealing Gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets

Compressed gaskets

  Enhancing gasket strength

  Providing chemical stability in corrosive media

  Providing thermal stability in corrosive media

  Low creep

Friction Materials

Dry Friction Materials:

Brake Pads - Automotive/Commercial Vehicles/Rail Transportation

Wet Friction Materials:

Clutch Facings

  Preformability: Providing "green strength" and filler adhesion.

  Offering matrix reinforcement: Especially at high temperatures (higher sheet strength and integrity for brake pads; reduced edge debris).

  Providing wear resistance: Aramid pulp contributes to reduced brake pad wear.

  Reducing noise and judder during braking: Aramid pulp helps reduce both effects.

  Aramid pulp does not form a film on the brake pad surface (aramid carbonizes at high temperatures, not melt).