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Flame Retardant
Flame Retardant

Workwear for Petrochemical and Gas

In workplaces such as the petroleum, petrochemical, oil and gas extraction, chemical, paint, and other industries where potential threats include flash fires, molten metal splatter, industrial combustion accidents, etc., flame-resistant clothing is essential protective wear. The flame resistance of such clothing is determined by its material. FR fibers significantly slow down the burning rate of the garment when exposed to a fire source, providing valuable time for self-evacuation. 

Labon offers professional petrochemical workwear fabrics that are flame-resistant, antistatic, and provide protection against minor chemical liquid splashes. They do not melt, drip, or develop holes and will self-extinguish when moved away from the fire source, thereby achieving the protective purpose.

•  Aramid IIIA woven fabric

•  Other blended fabric

Permanent flame retardant
Inherent flame resistance, does not melt, drip, carbonizes after burning
Excellent thermal protection performance
Outstanding heat protection and thermal stability
Anti-arc flash
Provides excellent protection against arc flash and combustion
High color fastness
Good resistance to color fading during washing and exposure to sweat
Wear-resistant and breathable
Comfortable to wear, breathable, moisture-wicking, and dimensionally stable
Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly, free from formaldehyde