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Conductive Filament
Conductive Filament

Conductive fibers are a type of fiber designed to conduct electricity and eliminate static electricity through electronic conduction and corona discharge.Typically, conductive fibers are those with a resistivity lower than 10*7 ohm·cm under standard conditions (20°C, 65% relative humidity).


Developed by Dr. You,material science experts at Labon in Shanghai, this innovative textile material is a high-performance fiber, through a special chemical preparation process and nanoscale conductive particle embedding technology, conductive particles become an integral part of the fiber structure. 

This breakthrough in anti-static, conductive, and long-lasting performance surpasses the current market standards.

Anti-Static Effect
iber volume electric resistivity tested is as low as 5.0 x 10² Ω·cm
Chemical Resistance
High resistance to friction, water washing, and chemical agents
Electrostatic Discharge
Conductive and thermally conductive, offering dust and electromagnetic wave shielding
Aesthetic Finish
Labon's fabrics woven from this conductive fiber don't have black grids; point-to-point resistivity can be measured
Stable Performance
Aramid-based material offers consistent performance, durability, excellent oxidation resistance, and longer half-life compared to similar imported products based on nylon and polyester
Excellent Processability
Outstanding flexibility and processability
Electrical Industry
Conductive grids / Conductive workwear...
Medical Industry
Heated clothing / Heated surfaces / Heated bandages...
Aerospace and Precision Electronics Industry
Electromagnetic shielding enclosures...
Petrochemical and Mining
Flame-resistant and explosion-proof workwear...
Sterile and Cleanroom Environments
Protective workwear...
Daily Life
Down jackets lining / Suits / Woolen garments / TR fabrics...