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Yarns for cut resistant gloves
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Labon offers a series of cut-resistant and high-temperature resistant knitted fabric solutions for various applications. The primary material used is para-aramid knitted fabric.

The aramid knitted fabric with fleece is one of the most commonly used variants. These fabrics come with several advantages, including:

Technological advantage

    •  Ultra-high strength and modulus.

    •  High-temperature resistance.

    •  Resistance to acids and alkalis.

    •  Aging resistance.

    •  A soft and comfortable texture.

    •  Cut-resistant knitted lining solutions.

Solution Introduction
Cut-Resistant Knitted Lining Solutions
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Cut-Resistant Knitted
Lining Solutions

The cut-resistant knitted lining is designed to provide excellent cut resistance and temperature resistance. It is available in various cut resistance levels, ranging from Level 2 to Level 7 according to ANSI standards.

UHMWPE-Based Material

•  Cut Resistance Level: A4-A7

Fabrics with UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) base offer cut resistance levels from A4 to A7, making them suitable for applications that require high levels of cut protection.

Para-Aramid Based Material 

•  Cut Resistance Level: A2-A7

Fabrics with a para-aramid base offer cut resistance levels from A2 to A7. These fabrics provide varying levels of cut protection for different applications.

These cut-resistant knitted linings are well-suited for a wide range of applications where both cut resistance and temperature resistance are essential. 

They are commonly used in protective clothing and gloves and offer a combination of strength and comfort, making them ideal for industries with stringent safety requirements.