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Fabrics for firefighter clothes
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Labon offers a complete range of fabric solutions for firefighting and flame-resistant protective clothing, providing protection for torso, neck, arms, and legs. 

Fire-fighting clothing typically uses multi-layer materials to achieve the desired protection, with the GA10 standard specifying a four-layer structure. Nowadays, a more common approach is a three-layer structure that combines the waterproof and breathable layer with the insulating layer for improved wearer comfort.

Solution Introduction
Three-Layer Fabric Solution
Four-Layer Fabric Solution
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Three-Layer Fire-Resistant Protective Clothing Fabric Solution

Outer Layer:

  Double-layer aramid anti-static fabric.

Middle Layer:

  PTFE membrane + aramid felt. The PTFE membrane is attached to a thicker aramid insulating felt, offering excellent waterproof and breathable properties, wind resistance, insulation, and heat resistance.

Comfort Layer:

  Providing permanent flame resistance and enhancing the comfort and appearance of the clothing's comfort layer.

Four-Layer Fire-Resistant Protective Clothing Fabric Solution

Outer Layer:

  Aramid antistatic fabric, a blend of aramid and antistatic fibers with tear-resistant grid design.

Waterproof Layer:

  PTFE membrane, providing excellent waterproof and breathable properties, along with windproof and insulating features.

Insulation Layer:

  Aramid felt, a non-woven fabric made of aramid fibers, offering excellent insulation.

Comfort Layer:

  Environmental friendly, permanently flame-resistant, and with good utility and a smooth, clean appearance.