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PBO Filament
PBO Filament

PBO, which stands for Poly-p-phenylene benzobisoxazole, is a composite material reinforcement developed in the United States in the 1980s for the advancement of the aerospace industry. It is one of the most promising members of the polyamide family containing heterocyclic aromatics and is often referred to as the "super fiber of the 21st century."

Strong Construction
Highly symmetric molecular structure with rigid rod-like molecules, resulting in outstanding mechanical and thermal properties
Excellent Stability Performance
Ultra-high strength/modulus, Heat Resistance, Environmental Stability
Outstanding Heat Resistance
Exhibits excellent heat resistance with a thermal decomposition temperature of ≥650°C in a nitrogen atmosphere and ≥600°C in an air atmosphere
Aircraft engine covers / Cabin door protection layers / Aircraft wing components / Solid rocket motor casings...
Civil Industrial Applications
Tunnels and bridges / Rubber product / Main cable / Control rods /Ropes / Cables in high-tension materials...