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Welding Protective Fabric
Welding Protective Fabric

For workers who are exposed to high-temperature environments, potential hazards involving molten metal, open flames, and sparks, especially in processes like furnaces, refining, casting, and similar operations, Labon provides professional flame-resistant, heat-insulating protective clothing fabrics to slow down and prevent the transfer of heat, thus preventing harm to the human body.

The main purpose of this fabric is to protect the head and torso of welding operators who are exposed to direct molten metal splatter, arc radiation, or occasional flames due to overhead welding, work at heights, or in confined spaces.

Aramid Woven Fabric: 

•  Used as inner lining in high-temperature-resistant gloves, insulation layer in firefighting suits, and high-temperature filter cloth.

Aramid Blended Fabric:

•  Used in firefighting suits, welding suits, and insulation fabrics for automobiles, trains, and aircraft.