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Firefighting FR Fabrics
Firefighting FR Fabrics

Firefighting FR fabrics are primarily used in specialized clothing worn by firefighters during firefighting and rescue operations. They provide protection for the torso, neck, arms, and legs (excluding the hands, feet, and head) and are designed to enhance safety, convenience, comfort, and reduce the risk of injuries among firefighting personnel, ultimately improving overall operational efficiency. 

Outer Layer Fabric: 

  High Strength: Tear-resistant, chemical-resistant.

  Flame retardant and heat resistant: Permanently flame retardant, heat-resistant, and excellent insulating properties.

  Strong antistatic properties: Resistant to pilling and retains permanent antistatic properties.

Comfort Layer Fabric: 

  Stable color fastness.

  Comfortable, smooth, skin-friendly.

  Moisture-wicking, elastic, and dense structure.

  Good pilling resistance.

Outer Layer
Outer Layer
Comfort Layer