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Protective Clothing
Protective Clothing

In the operators with cuts, cuts, scratches, stabbings and other special dangerous working environments, such as military and police protection, security protection, factory production and processing, the risk of injury of sharp instruments always exists. Labon cut resistant fabrics are made using "Bed-rock" technology and are blended with different materials such as Blisscool® antibacterial cotton fibers to achieve a high cut resistant rating and lower weight without hard materials.

Antimicrobial and Dust Mite-Resistant
The version with antimicrobial cotton fibers provides antimicrobial and dust mite-resistant properties.
Comfortably Soft
Skin-friendly and comfortable with moisture absorption, breathability, sweat-wicking, and a cool and smooth touch
No Rigid Materials
Free from rigid materials like steel wires, fiberglass, and basalt fibers
Wear-Resistant and Washable
Resistant to pilling and suitable for multiple washes