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PBO Fiber
PBO Fiber

PBO (Poly-p-phenylene benzobisoxazole) short fibers are processed from PBO filament according to the specific application requirements of customers. These short fibers are available in different lengths and can be used as reinforcing fibers for friction materials, sealing gaskets, reinforcement materials for various resins and plastics, heat-resistant cushion needle-punched felt for aluminum extrusion processing, and high-temperature filter materials for high-temperature filtration.

Strong Construction
Exceptional heat resistance, high strength, and high modulus, as well as excellent temperature resistance
Excellent Stability Performance
Enhances the toughness of products' surfaces, extending their lifespan
Excellent Spinnability
Lightweight and soft, making it an ideal textile material
Rubber Products
Transmission belts / Heavy-duty tires / Reinforced sealing rubber gaskets
Friction Sealing Materials
Brake pads / Sealing gaskets
High-Temperature Felts
Aluminum and glass processing industry for high-temperature cushioning