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Industrial Fabric
Industrial Fabric

Labon industrial fabric is mainly divided into ordinary hexagonal mesh fabric, plain mesh fabric, and Lambang exclusive products woven fabric. The hexagonal mesh cloth has large elastic variation, and the plain mesh cloth adopts interwoven mesh structure, which has greater strength and consistent longitude and latitude strength, and is suitable for the enhancement of high temperature and high pressure hose with large caliber, straight pipe and small variation.

Excellent Heat Resistance
Can be used continuously at 220°C without aging and can work stably for short durations at temperatures of up to 300°C
High Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI)
An LOI of over 28%, with permanent flame retardant, begins to carbonize and decompose at temperatures above 300°C
Chemical Corrosion Resistance
Highly resistant to weak acids, weak bases, and most organic solvents
Dimensional Stability
Exceptional dimensional stability with high thermal stability
Strong Mechanical Performance
Electrical and mechanical properties remain stable for at least 10 years, offer high strength, good elasticity, and impact resistance
Strong Adhesion
Excellent adhesion to high-temperature-resistant rubbers like silicone rubber
Industrial and Automotive Hoses
High-temperature pressure / Oil-resistant / Hot water / Silicone / Reinforcement layers for silicone hoses